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Guitar Lessons At
Rattle & Drum

Why play Guitar?

The guitar is a versatile instrument that lends itself to nearly all styles of music - whether you’re strumming a few chords with a singer, shredding solos with a full band, or finger-picking melodic classical pieces, there’s something for everyone. Here at Rattle & Drum we are dedicated to getting you playing music as soon as possible while also avoiding any of the bad habits commonly seen in self taught players.


Many people dream of being in a band when they pick up an instrument, and our teachers will do everything they can to ensure you’re at the top of your game so you can jam with other musicians confidently. And if you’re not interested in joining a band, one of the very best things about learning the guitar is that it sounds fantastic as a solo instrument, so you can play great sounding music at home for your own satisfaction or aim for a live performance!

Is it suitable for me?


We welcome beginners of all ages at Rattle & Drum, we have many adult learners as well as younger players. Guitar is a great instrument for children to take up, we recommend from around 7 years old as a sensible age to begin lessons. Parents are welcome to contact us to discuss suitability for your child before making a booking.

Our teachers have a wealth of experience in different styles of playing, so whatever style of music you’re interested in, acoustic or electric, we’re sure we can help you make progress.


While many of our students are beginners when they come to us we are always happy to help more experienced players too! We have a number of guitar teachers here that can provide guidance whatever stage you are at, so if you feel you've reached a plateau and need help to keep moving forward, or if you just want to polish up your theory or technique we can definitely help.

Why choose Rattle & Drum?

All of our teachers are experienced musicians teaching professionally, comfortable with teaching children and adults alike and all are DBS checked and fully insured.  


We have a dedicated teaching studio in Derby City Centre where we teach hundreds of students every week. We use the Trinity College London Rock & Pop syllabus with most of our students; it is a great path to learn the instrument and many students choose to study for grades, but this is not essential and you can set your own individual goals with your teacher if you prefer.

We are currently running an introductory offer of 4 one-on-one lessons for £40 so there has never been a better time to give it a go! Our standard price is £17.50 per half-hour lesson. If you would like to enquire about availability or require any further information please visit our Derby shop, call 01332 341414, email or contact us using this form.

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