COVID-19 September Update

All of our teachers have been offering online lessons during lockdown and continue to do so. Our teaching rooms were re-opened for in-person lessons at the end of June. We have taken a cautious approach to re-opening and have initially been operating on a very limited basis with only 1 of our 7 teaching rooms in use per day. As this has worked well and without incident we are now continuing to carefully increase lesson provision, moving from only 1 room in use to a maximum of 3 rooms in use at any one time.  Existing students should contact their individual teacher directly to find out their latest plans.

We now have capacity for new enquiries for Bass, Drums, Guitar and Keyboard lessons, for both in-person and online lessons. If you are interested in taking up an instrument or honing your existing skills there has probably never been a better time;  we are all going to have a lot more time at home for practice this winter! We continue to offer our great introductory offer of the first for lessons for £30 so please get in touch and we will be happy to get you started.

For your peace of mind please find below our current guidance for ensuring our lesson rooms are "Covid-Secure".

  • In general we are using rooms that allow us to maintain a 2m distance for the duration of the lesson. If this is not possible in any particular room we have additional mitigation such as screens etc. in place to adhere to the government’s advised 1m+ guidance. 


  • Please maintain social distancing and please wear a mask in all shared spaces such as the stairs/corridors. You are welcome to continue to wear a mask throughout your lesson at your and your teacher’s discretion.


  • Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before the start of your lesson. We are staggering lesson start times to avoid crowding in corridors but this will be helped by not arriving too early for your lesson.


  • Please clean your hands with the hand sanitiser provided in your lesson room upon arrival and please minimise touching of hard surfaces on your way through the building. 


  • Please bring your own instrument to your lesson, drummers please bring your own sticks. We cannot share instruments between students at this time.


  • Please maintain good respiratory hygiene (cough into tissues, dispose of carefully and clean hands).

  • If you have any potential symptoms of COVID-19 prior to your lesson please contact your teacher beforehand to discuss and please err on the side of caution

  • All teachers will maintain a minimum 5 minute gap between timetabled lessons and coordinate a 10min staggered timetable.

  • Rooms will be well ventilated.

  • Commonly touched hard surfaces will be wiped down as frequently as possible throughout the day - buzzer system, door handles, hand rail etc.

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